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    Hello All


    We're not moving over until July 2012 but I'm looking for a bit of adcice on buying a used car when we arrive.

    We'll be looking at the bottom end of the market for a cheap run around at first.


    I've noticed when looking at car details on sites such as that a lot of the cars state they don't have a Road Worthy certificate. I take it that this similar to an MOT certificate in the UK.


    Does this mean if I buy a car without one I'll need to get it checked over by a mechanic to gain a cert to prove it's road worthy?


    Any info appreciated



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    No, we don't have MOTs but certificates of roadworthiness are needed if - and these are just a few examples!- the vehicle was registered in another state, or imported, or had some modification ( I think it needs to be more than just adding a go-faster stripe lol!) or has been stickered by the police as defected!


    If you are looking at really cheap cars, it might be worth asking a few questions. It's the older cars/ those driven by kids lol that tend to be spotted by police and given a Defect sticker which theoretically stays on the vehicle until it's been checked over, during which time I don't think it's supposed to be used.


    I reckon it's safer to get any car checked over before you buy it and I believe it should only cost around $100?


    Hope that helps?


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    They do not have road worthy certificates here in SA but they do in some other states where the cars have to be checked every year just like back in UK. If you buy a car from another state and bring it in to SA and want to regester it here you have to get it inspected at regency.

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