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    Has anyone else had the DIAC email about migration on the 457/857?


    Have answered the survey, but felt that i was just under surveillence rather than being valuable to the process!

    spoken to others who have migrated to other states, and they seem to have much more training and support services, better centrelink advice, and despite the notable expense of housing, rents and so on, feel we may have been short changed!

    Maybe its the population levels, the demographics etc, but my cohorts do seem to have gotten a better deal...........or maybe they are stretching the truth, who can say?

    I like it here, most days; but until one is told about rental help, medical benefits, child support and tax breaks, the system is bewildering!

    My friend in Perth was told by her centrelink about EVERY benefit she and her family could get, no worries. even if she wanted to set up her own business, she would pay LESS in business tax, etc.............her kids got youth allowance, no problem despite her earnings; admittedly it was reduced to suit, but they got it without too much agro.


    does anyone else feel a bit let down by SA? Or does anyone think the other states are a bit "soft"?

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    Guest KP Nuts

    No haven't had the DIAC email................


    But do I really need to answer anything of the above, LoL.............

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    Guest jasongd




    I would have liked some reply's on this by people who are in SA, One of the things I have heard is SA is very slow and can seem unhelpful.



    Any points on this.



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    After 14 months here one of the things I've learnt is that Australia isn't 1 country - its a group of independent states. Australia only exists in terms of sport, military and Gillard.


    If you feel short changed just go elsewhere.

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