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Adelaide - not an affordable place to live any more

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    I have stumbled on an interesting document by AMP called


    "The Great Australian Dream - Housing Affordability trends for Australia and our largest 25 cities".


    It's very long and I haven't read it all and I'm not sure exactly how it measures affordability, but there is an interesting section. It says:

    "The maps below show a clear move away from affordability in every capital city of Australia.

    As an example, in Adelaide in 2001 - once “the home of affordable housing in Australia” - the typical household could afford to purchase a home in 74 per cent of the 54 statistical local areas (SLAs). By 2011 this deteriorated to just two per cent of regions. In raw numbers there is now only one affordable SLA in Adelaide: Playford - Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a well-known public housing community set up in the 1950s. The tables in Appendix A and the maps in this section dramatically show how Adelaide has moved from a mostly affordable city to a now severely unaffordable city. This analysis goes against the popular opinion of Adelaide being an affordable housing city."


    You need to look at the report to see the maps on page 21 which show the affordable and unaffordable areas of Adelaide. It illustrates how the debate used to be East v West.



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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    I kinda dis agree with the report on Adelaide. i still find most of it afforadable apart from the major hotspots like glenelg or anywhere near the city.

    There are defo some great bargains out there, ive found quiet a few down south even on a single bus drivers wage but then again bus driver are paid a lot more here than the UK.

    Think it more scare mongering than anything else and needs to be taken with a pinch of salt

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