The Start of a Long Adelaide!

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    Hi everyone


    I am very much at the start of what I know is going to be a long, probably anxiety making process with the end goal being to live in Adelaide.


    I have been out to Australia twice, once with a friend in 2008 and in April this year with my husband when we visited Adelaide for the first time. We have always wanted to try living abroad and Adelaide ticked all the boxes for us. About to submit skills assessment ahead of State Sponsorship so a long way to go yet. I have everything crossed it works out, I am going for the 475 visa with my skills as a project manager hopefully getting us sponsorship from SA.


    This forum looks incredibly useful and I will no doubt be browsing constantly as we make our way, a step at a time through the process. :smile:

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    Hi and welcome to PIA. It can be a long road and frustrating at times but in the end it will be worth it. Just keep telling yourself if they made it easy everyone would want to do it :wink:.



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    Guest helene73

    Hi and welcome to PIA :) good luck with your plans and hang on tight its one hell of a ride lots of up's and downs, just stay positive there's always a way :)





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