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    Yeah the equivalent of $10,000 see



    There is no limit to the amount of currency you can bring in or out of Australia. However, you must declare amounts of A$10,000 or more in Australian currency or foreign equivalent. If asked by Customs you must also fill in a Bearer Negotiable Instruments (BNI) form if you're carrying promissory notes, travellers cheques, personal cheques, money orders or postal orders.


    You will need to declare on leaving also if its more than 10,000 euro's, see



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    Just don't go with $9,999 in your pocket and not declare it. They frown upon this kind of thing (I worked for an international bank in the foreign currency section for a number of years and delt with large amounts of cash transactions where we had to record the amounts being withdrawn, exchanged etc). Anything close to $10,000 its always worth declaring as it can look suspect if they stop and enquire and you are $10 or so under.


    The limits are a global thing to help prevent money laundering and other things. Many people move cash around and don't declare it of course, but if you are genuine there should never be a problem.

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