Travel Insurance for Over 80s

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    Hi all

    My folks are planning another visit to us next February, but by then my Mum will be over 80 and the free insurance they get with their crefit card won't cover her. Travel agents want triple premiums to cover her because of her age (even though she's pretty fit ....albeit totally mad!)

    Has anyone found a reasonably priced travel insurance company for people aged over 80? Or is it worth bothering at all? They get reciprocal health care when they're here, obviously, for emergencies, so it's probably just for the actual journey, and luggage cover etc (although my Dad won't be over 80 so any lost luggage could just be his rather than Mum's!)

    I suggested Saga but apparently they're very expensive too.

    All suggestions gratefully received....


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    Guest Guest5035

    Diane do tell them to get insurance, you never know whats round the next corner, the health might be reciprical, but the teeth, if you want a good job is not.(only through the hospital). Then theres the ambo cost if needed?? It might cost alot, but i don't call it expensive, i call it peace of mind. Many years ago a friends mum and dad visting from the UK ended up having a triple bypass done privately on his travel insurance.

    Have a look online for her, we got ours online though AAMI, so try online in the UK for them.



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