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    Hi there everyone, I have been reading this site for a while now and finally plucked up the courage to post...There's Me, my Partner & 8yr old Daughter, we are from the North East of England looking to possibly move to Adelaide in the near future.My better half has been offered a job in Golden Grove area of Adelaide, not sure which area the Factory is in exactly (maybe Greenwith judging by the postal code on the net) I would just like some advice on surrounding areas to Golden Grove. I know it's a big question as what suits some doesn't suit others etc but here goes: We are a simple family, just looking for a decent area to live, good School for Daughter, maybe a few shops within walking distance or good transport links. Nearish to the sea would be a massive bonus....I love reading all the posts on here, they are giving us a real insight into Adelaide life and helping us decide whether it's the life for us.Anyway thanks for readingPhew...glad that's my first post done pretty harmlessly

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    Golden Grove as you probably have already found out is in the North East, whereas the beaches run along the west side of the city, so you'll probably have to make a choice as to whether to live near to work, or near to the beach. If you don't mind a half hour drive or so to the beach, have a look at the Northeastern suburbs (Golden Grove itself, Greenwith, Wynn Vale, Fairview Park, Tea Tree Gully, Vista, Hope Valley, Highbury, Dernancourt....), or if you'd prefer somewhere kind of between the beach and work, have a look around Mawson Lakes area. Beach suburbs that wouldn't be too bad a commute are places like Semaphore, West Lakes.... but you are looking at upwards of 40 minutes each way in what passes for rush hour from there.


    School wise I think the North Eastern suburbs have some of the best around, both primary and high school, state and private: don't know a lot about the North Western ones, but I think they do vary a lot there, from what I have heard. Transport from NE is also excellent with links to the O-Bahn into the City, and big shopping centres at both Tea Tree Plaza and Golden Grove itself.


    HTH anyway

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