Nurses/IELTS/ANMAC Need help please!!

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    Can anyone help me. I have applied to anmac for skills assessment and it has all been done other than my assessor has come back to me and said that the general IELTS test I done last October 2010, should have been the academic test! I was told at the time of doing IELTS that as I was born, raised and educated in the UK I wouldn't need to do the academic IELTS only the General. Can anyone advise me on this please, I am getting so down in the dumps over this, I thought this part would have been straight forward.


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    Guest sarahtwinn82

    The registration body for nurses is now Aphra. They no longer require IELTS from British nurses. We have found (take a deep breath) that no one case is the same and that people are asked for different things by Aphra and the ANMC and possibly your case officer from immigration. I think it depends how they are feeling on that particular day and what they want to ask you for. In my work place there are 3 of us (nurses) that have all applied for PR following a 457 visa and we've all been asked for different things. Sorry to confuse you more.

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