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Cost of living

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    Guest sicknoteboo

    cost of living in adelaide

    hi all i no u guys get this question all the time but how much is the the basic salary for a male working?

    we are planning on moving feb 2012 my partner has PR visa so me and our two young kids aged 4 and 1 yrs are applyin for immigration in oz, we will be moving to adelaide thinking the seaford area.

    We are trying to get some kind of idea of wages and living costs as to start with it will only be one wage coming in, we have been looking at rented houses around the 300-350 price range as this seems to be the price rage but not to sure about bills i'e electric gas water council rates.

    Food bills we have been looking and found a few places at good prices think it'll be around the $150-$200 we hope lol

    any feed back from familys in the adelaide area would be great just to give us some sort of idea thanx

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    Hi there,

    The average Oz salary is around $55,000 pa.

    There are many different ways that your salary might be calculated though. For example: Working at the local Bunnings Warehouse they earn $20 per hour on a contract (10, 15, 30, 38 hour etc) but this is $25 per hour as a casual. The co-ordinator (department manager) earnes around $65,000 pa.

    What sort of line would you be in?

    If you are renting you don't have to worry about rates.Otherwise they would be around $100 per month.

    Water: For renting you also only pay for the usage and not the other charges like the save the Murray levy etc. I pay $100 per month but yours shouldn't be more than $60.

    Electricity!!! Anywhere between $100 and $200 depending upon season and the appliances in the house (type of aircons etc) and how energy conscious you are.

    Gas: Same story...seasonal depending upon heating systems but shouldn't be more than $50 per month if only cooking and hot water.

    Internet: You can get a naked (just an internet line) at high speed for $40 per month...look at Adam internet.

    Foxtel: Satellite tv: $135 per month for the Platinum service but cheaper packages available.

    Mobile phone: $29 to $39 cap which will give you plenty of talk time. (per month)

    Car insurance $50 + - for fully comprehensive. (per month)

    Car licence $65 per month.

    No TV licence fee


    Hope that this helps!



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    Guest Jane & Tony
    Cheers Tamara that's really useful. I had just done an excel sheet that converted all our bills to $'s so I can now compare :-)


    Hi Misplaced

    Any chance you could post that excel sheet on here? I'm sure everyone would find it useful.x

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