Guest angiewebster

Hooray we got our Visa!!

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    Guest angiewebster

    We are SO excited - our visa was approved last week (sponsored 176).

    But now we are feeling rather nervous too as now the fun begins I guess?!

    Now it's time to decide where to live, which school for my son, job searches etc etc.


    We applied in January 2011, my hubby is an electronics technician so had his trade successfully assessed and we were state sponsored in April 2011. The main visa application was put in MAy 2011, meds and police checks in July and finalised last week!


    Now all I have to do is to tell my mum, who is not overly happy at our decision to emigrate. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been through something similar when telling their family members?


    Your thoughts or advice is much appreciated - in advance,


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    Hi Angie


    Congratulations on getting your visa!! yay!


    My parents were completely happy about us migrating - but OH parents were not so pleased and didnt really talk about it when we visited took them a while to come around to the idea - but they used to watch the 'Wanted Down Under' program and it got them thinking about how good a lifestyle it would be for their grandchildren.


    Since we've arrived (4 years) they have visited us 3 years agoa and are coming back out in Jan...and they can now see why we did the move, and are very happy for us.


    Your mum may be inititally hurt and saddened - but things dont always stay the same and things do have a way of working themselves out.



    Good luck with the rest of your plans





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    Guest angiewebster

    Hi Sarah


    Thanks for your good wishes re our visa!


    I understand my mum will be upset and will be hurting, it's only because she cares but times a healer I guess. Like you say when she realises what a great future we have and the move is for the best for my family she hopefully will understand too. Like most people I hate upsetting others and I guess there is no right time to do it so I am just going to bite the bullet and get it over with then I can start enjoying making plans for the move!


    All that said I am really looking forward to moving to Adelaide and starting our new adventure!

    It sounds like you have settled in to your new life down under, did it take you long?


    Angie x

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