Guest S A !!

Visa granted and plans a foot now to get to Aus !

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    Guest S A !!

    !!!!! Returned from holiday in St Ives and checked emails and found the 176 VISA granted notification email from the 1st Sept. !!!!


    We are kind of semi shocked, pleased, confused, emotive all round...


    So we are now in mind spinning mode of organising. Kids go back to school tomorrow, we both have finished work.


    Plans (in nut shell format ) at the moment.

    Hoping to leave these shores around earliest Oct.


    1, Let out property so need to prepare for that.


    2, Ship out contents of home !


    3, Book flights for Australia, going to Perth first hopefully for a couple of weeks and then Melbuorne, and then Adelaide.


    4, Find somewhere to stay in Adelaide whilst we look for work / decide where to rent out.

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    Can I suggest you add something to the list? pack your suitcases and handluggage and weigh them before you pack up the house? otherwise something essential will invariably end up accidentally shipped, or you'll realise that what you'd hoped to take as luggage is waaaay over the limit (you'll need to consider the domestic luggage allowances if you're not coming straight to Adelaide).

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