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    New to this site.


    My family and I (2 adults and children) arrive in Adelaide on the 13th January 2012 on a permanent Visa. I am desperately trying to secure some reasonably priced holiday'ish type accomodation whilst we look for a more lengthy rental. We'd need about 3-4 weeks and ideally on the beaches from GLENELG north to SEMAPHORE. Essentially we want to give the kids a little bit of a holiday as we are going to be dragging them aroud all over the place getting cars and houses etc sorted. Looking at prices and availablility (extensively) I am beginning to resign myself to the fact that it will cost me a fortune because of the time of year. I am sure that there is a thread out there covering this very same topic but if I have to spend one more minute searching on the internet I think I may go a smidge 'wibble'


    Is there anyone out there that can provide me with a ray of hope? At the moment I cannot find anything half decent for less than $200 per night (and these are generally 'hutch' like) - I have a feeling I may need to adjust my expectations somewhat.


    Thanks in advance



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    Hello and welcome.


    Am going to move this to the Renting and Real Estate section as its better suited to there.


    Also have a look in that section for people letting short term.

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