Hazel M

Any brokers help??? Does UK mortgage affect Aussie mortgage offer?

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    Hi Hazel


    Sorry, Im not sure about the whole mortgage thing - but wanted to recommend our mortgage broker....... He got us our mortgage in australia whilst we were still in the Uk and has since done lots of things for us now we are here.


    His name is Graeme Inglis - Mortgage Broker




    Good luck






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    If you have a UK mortgage will this decrease the amount that they will offer to you in Australia?





    Hi Hazel


    With all these things it is not a cut and dry answer as each lender has different lending policies, so the answer is, it may do!


    It will be looked at as a debt/commitment but the way it is treated as a debt/commitment will vary according to lender, some will take into account the monthly payments only converted at the appropriate rate of exchange however some will want it to be assessed as if it is a loan in Australia i.e at the current interest rate assessment of the Bank (approx 9% ish).



    Do you rent out the house in the UK?


    If so some lenders will take the UK rent amount your receive into account and then this may help counteract the commitment potententially strengthen your case.


    Hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have more questions.





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    Guest NewInOz

    Hello Hazel, if you want free assistance in getting a mortgage I will gladly help you.

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