Got my L s ,Needs help with hrs

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    Hello and good morning to all who have held an ausssi licence for more than 2 years or more,


    I have recently had to take my L s test without realising that I would have to re start the whole driving game over here. I passed the test there and then at the SA, great I thought one step closer.


    I had loads of lessons back in the uk, just went to pieces during the test conditions - never was good at exams and that- however I can drive pretty well I have been told and that was in a manual, Driving these fab autos is like a dream come true for me- wished I had done auto in the UK,then I wouldn't be where I am over here- lol,


    I have bought a car, and have full comp insurance-- really good tidy car.


    The problem I have is that I don't have a supervisor driver who can teach me out of hours bar my driving instructor.

    Lisa is unable to take me out as she has only had her sa aussi licence for 5 weeks, ( however has held a full unconditional uk licence for more than 20 years this does not mean anything over here regarding being allowed to teach me)

    sa have told me more than once that the person has to have had a licence,clean unconditional

    for more than 2 years. Which Lisa doesn't have,very thrustrating.


    So I require some help getting my driving hrs up got to do at least 75hrs in total,15 hrs at night included.


    If anyone is up for it, we live in Seaford, please let us know, I also work shifts being a chef so my days off are not the same each week.


    Help........ Don't know what I can offer but will try and sort some offer out- lol


    Thanks Andrew

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    Hi Andrew


    I've been teaching my daughter and I haven't held a Australian licence for more than 2 years. The wesbite says:


    You parents, relatives or friends or anyone else can be your qualified supervising driver as long as they meet the legal requirements below:


    • must have a current full licence applicable to the class of vehicle being driven that has been held for the preceding two years (not a learner's permit, provisional or probationary licence)
    • must not have been disqualified from driving in the past two years.
    • must not have a licence that is subject to good behaviour conditions
    • must be seated immediately alongside you at all times while you are driving.

    A current full licence can be a foreign licence from a recognised country. If the driver holds a foreign licence that is not from one of the recognised countries the driver may not be a qualified supervising driver.


    Hope this helps



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    Hi and cheers,


    I have been confused about this due to in the companion book,the website, and the my licence website it does state that If you hold a licence from a recognised country. England is a recognise country.,

    My instructor and his instructor friends have all said that it should be ok,however that I should ring up to double check with the SA ,

    When I rung them it was like talking to a mobile call centre, would not hear me out:arghh:Kept just repeating the top line of the instructions regarding the aussi 2 year licence. Thanks for your info.


    I think I will use the information from the website

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    Your wife can definitely supervise your hours with a UK Licence. I passed my test in January and my husband signed off all my driving hours with a UK licence. Got my Provisional licence with no problem in March. As long as the licence is from a recognised country which the UK is then it is fine. Maybe the confusion is that your wife has only had an SA licence for 5 weeks. Just use the UK licence number on the log book and it will be fine - I promise...!!!!!

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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    Hello mate I'm down at seaford rise and free on Sunday's if that's any use to you.

    I hold classes HR and R basically motorbike to heavy ridged all over 2 years here.

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    Guest ReadyPenny

    If you can prove your hrs in the UK service SA will credit them against the 75 required, I have just done it for my daughter who now only has to do 20. They will also credit the time you've held a UK learners permit against the 12 months required here

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    A big thank you to everyone for your help on this one,it is a really a big relief to know that Lisa can take us, I can now move on.

    Chears for that ready penny-unfortunately I no longer have the details for my old driving instructor,he has moved thanks anyway,


    Cheers Mat, if Lisa has had enough of me in a few months, I will give you a shout if your up for it,


    Big thanks again



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