Visa approval

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    OMG!!!! our visas have finally been approved, what a wait it has been, a big thanks to all the advise we have received on P-I-A, time to start planning, so more advise is welcomed........ Gary:biglaugh:

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    Thanks Daz and Loz/ Adelaide_bound, appreciate your replies, its all rather weird in our household now as everything we say seems to relate to moving to Adelaide and now its more like when and not if we get our visas lol, i was only saying to my wife yesterday that i haven't felt incontrollable emotion like this since the birth of our girls.

    We have lots to plan now, firstly find a nice place to live with decent schools, etc, etc, etc.

    I have noticed Daz and Loz you are also in Leicestershire, we live in L.F.E, small world hey.

    Adelaide_bound your absolutely right the pressure that is released when that email comes through to say you have your visas is tremendous, i now feel like the world has been lifted.

    thanks again hopefully chat soon Gary

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