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Guest ali@51

Friday Joke

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    Guest ali@51

    One morning a teacher decides she has had enough of her class of small children useing baby language.


    She gathers them all together in the classroom and explaines this to them.


    "Now class," she says "I am going to ask each of you a question and I want you to reply in proper grown up language."


    "We will start with you Tommy. What did you have for your breakfast?"


    "I had a chucky egg miss" says Tommy.


    "No Tommy you had an egg for your breakfast. Chucky egg is a baby word and we are not using baby words any more"


    "Fred what did you do with your parents this week end ?"


    "We went for a ride on a choo choo train miss" he said


    "No Fred you went for a ride on a train. Choo choo train is a baby word and we are not useing baby words anymore" said miss


    And so it went on round the class with the teacher corecting the childrens langage as she went.


    Finaly she reached the last child.


    "Johnny what book are you reading at the moment?"she asked.


    Johnny thought long and hard befor givining his answer to make sure it would be in proper grown up langage finaly when he was ready he puffed himself up to his full hight and said very proudly:-


    " winnie-the-s**t miss"

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    Guest graandjac

    Set the weekend off a treat that one v good. Cheers Graham

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