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Fleurieu Peninsula schools & childrens activities

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    We are hoping to move to Adelaide next yr around February and have two daughters who, by then will be aged 4 and 5. We went in November for a bit of a look around and have decided that we'd ideally like to live in Mount Compass.

    Ive had a look on the Mount Compass school website but its quite difficult to tell from that what the school is actually like (i know they have quite a focus on farming - but presumably they still put the same attention to the other main subjects?)


    Ive also heard that Mclaren Vale school and preschool are good - does anyone have children at either of these schools who would be able to give me a bit more of an insight? Another thing I was wandering - if we lived in Mount Compass, do you know if there is a school bus to take children to Mclaren Vale if that was where we decided on?


    I know from other threads that some people have suggested that you wait to get over there before putting childrens names down at schools, but since we know where we want to be - do you think we should put their names down now (i dont know if there would be a wait if we left it until we arrive or if they could start pretty much immediately?)


    And just one last thing.... do you know if there are childrens clubs around the area, Victor Harbor maybe, like dance classes etc for weekends or do you tend to have to travel into the city for stuff like that?


    If anyone can help with any of this i'd be glad to hear from you.


    Thanks a lot.



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    Hi Hazel, Justin & family


    I can't answer any of your questions as we are still waiting to get there, but just wanted to say hello and welcome you to PIA.


    Good luck, I have no doubt you will get the information you are looking for, the knowledge on this site is brilliant.

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