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    for all the lucky people that have done a stopover for a couple of days in Singapore while travelling to and from oz can anyone recommend a good hotel? The ones i have looked at so far either as soon as you enter 2 adults and 2 kids they say it exceeds occupancy or it says minimum child age is 12+:arghh:


    Any suggestions greatly appreciated (dont think we can get away with leaving the kids behind:nah:)

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    Hi Ian,


    i asked the same question to Rockpool crab when they put their video on the site, so the answer is held within this post.


    Changi Village is where they stayed, it looks beautiful and they accept children! BONUS!


    good luck, I'm sure there will be others who will advise you, I too will be watching this closely as we intent to stop off for a few days so that we can hit the ground running when we finally get to oz.

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