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Single girl moving in December

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    Guest debrakpage



    Just discovered this forum. What a wealth of information!!


    About me...I am just 29 (21???!!) and moving over on my own in December. Never been to Adelaide (the only city in Australia I haven't been) and don't know anyone. I have been offered a one-year contract at the University of South Australia. Love to read, watch movies, drink wine, dance, gossip, explore etc..


    I have NO idea whereabouts to live..any ideas? Ideally near the beach. I live in Newcastle now and though we have glorious beaches the weather is not good enough often to enjoy them.


    Would love to meet up with likeminded people who can take me under their wing and show me the Aussie way of life in Adelaide.




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    Guest Lesley F

    Hi debra, I am just waiting for news on my 176 visa on hairdressing, thought I would have had news by now as I had my meds done back in June. I worked in Spain for nearly 10 years so my agent seems to think that is my hold up as my case officer will be liasing with the Spanish authorites for police checks etc. If I get some news soon I plan to be over by Feb and am also going alone so if you fancy keeping in touch and meeting up just give me a shout. I am in my 30s but act younger lol. I live just over the border about an hour from Newcastle in the Scottish Borders. I also enjoy music, dancing and a good laugh. good luck with the move. Lesley :-)

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    Hi Debra!


    I just arrived in Adelaide last week, and similar to you had never been here before, but also was offered a year's work contract so decided to give it a go.


    So far I'm enjoying myself, it's a very nice, organised, friendly city and I can see myself enjoying the nice weather, though it's only the last 2 days I'm starting to see how nice it will be.


    Since arriving I've seen about 10 possible places to live, and walked most of the city and quite a few 2-3 km from city centre suburbs. Ill be working right in the centre of the CBD so am focusing on places at walking distance.


    Here's a couple of general impressions so far - which helped me decide where I want to live but each to their own.


    Rundle Mall is shopping, big stores and brands, also a supermarket and many many food courts.


    Slightly more to the East is a little trendy - think art gallery/bookshop/cycling shop places with cafes and a cinema.


    To the west is Hindle St, which after I wandered onto it I thought looked like the area I would hang around in if I were looking for a strip club - and then noticed one across the road (just my impression - apologies to anyone near there, and that seemed to be about a 3 min walk bit of the street only) but there were also some fun looking restaurants.


    Around Hutt St are some cafes and restaurants that looked nice and here I found some cute cottages for rent - really nice character places, but I think I'd be lonely living there alone, and for me it was pretty quiet and suburban.


    I haven't been to the lower west side of the city much, but here are some suburbs I've wandered:


    North Adelaide - very big, beautiful almost stately homes, but aside from O'Connell Street and Melbourne St very spread out, high walled suburban - of those 2 areas I prefer Melbourne St, a little more homely somehow.


    Norwood - really liked here, a nice vibe of cafes, brunch type restaurants, a lovely mall area with bakers, butchers and a big handy supermarket - one of the few suburbs I could distinctly remember the character of.


    Unley/Parkside/Goodwood - maybe I explored the wrong roads but nothing jumped out at me beyond a very suburban area with a strip of restaurants/shops.


    The suburbs in general felt too car oriented for me - waiting ages at pedestrian crossings really bothered me - like ages!


    I also went out to Glenelg, which I think is the busiest beach area, and while the beach is lovely the surrounding area of loud bars and slightly tacky vibe is not for me. But walking along the beach away from there I could see being nice to live with easy access to it.


    For me though I want to live in the city, preferably the upper east end. I like the smaller streets, the cosy vibe and that stuff is going on right out your door. I also prefer the apartments here, I think that they suit the sun better, with balconies, and as a girl living a good bit Ill feel safer, though everywhere feels safe in general to be honest. I love the Hutt Street cottages, but while Ive heard that the thick walls keep the heat out nicely in summer, I'm just don't think the suit the lifestyle I want here.


    Hope that helps, it's very biased on what I like, and how I plan to live, but that's me!


    I'd love to meet up with you sometime when you arrive if you like - I'm 28 and like films/books and doing fun things too so that could be lovely!

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    You are coming at the right time of year.... Its going to be hot hot hot!!!!!


    I came over alone about a year and a half ago and I think it's a great little place..... There are those places around the CBD (central business district) as another poster suggested but if you fancied a beachy area with not too much effort to get in to town you could try Hen;ey, grange, semaphore. Trains run till about 12:00 pm and taxis are about $30 to Semaphore the furthest place out of the 3.....


    Henley's pretty cool but maybe expensive..... Just don't go Northern suburbs way... No offense to anyone just for a lone female it will be best to be near/ have access to the city for nights out.....


    Hope you have fun... Not long now!!!!!!!:cool:

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    Guest loopylisa

    Hey debra


    I'm 27 and will be 28 in Jan and have also been offered casual work with Uni SA. Out of interest what area is it in? I recently moved to Adelaide on my own although I have a partner here and friends from my childhood I still considered that I moved here on my own and I know a few people but not heaps so am keen to make friends with similar aged young professional people like yourself. Feel free to pm me and maybe we can swap emails/fbook and I will offer you all the advice I can, including prep for moving over here.


    Best of luck with the preparations and enjoy the early winter in the UK. Heard its going to be intense! :tongue:


    Lise x

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    Guest Jennet

    Isn't the UK winter always intense?? :nah: thats the UK and hopefully my last winter :unsure:

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