Medicare Waiting Lists-Experiences

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    Hi Guys,just wandered how people have found waiting lists here on Medicare.


    My daughter was referred for an Endoscopy at Flinders and has received a ltr saying that she is on the waiting list ,when i enquired as to a likely timescale i was advised it was highly probable it may not be even next year.This is a major concern as she has some serious health issues, which are causing serious time off school and as she is in yr 10 and we really need to know what is going on.Due to various pre existing conditions we all have, the cost of Private Healthcare is not an option for us.


    Just wandered if long waiting lists for such procedures are the norm here.


    Daughter has a number of health issues and if this is the norm its a big worry.


    .Any experiences from individuals, or anyone in the nursing profession who can shed some light on this would be much appreciated.


    Many thanks Sue

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    Try ringing up the specialist, explaining you have no private cover, and asking if it's possible to see them privately anyway and claim some of the cost back from Medicare. I did this with a private consultant and I think Medicare repaid something like 80% of the cost. Don't know if this is something that is generally available across the board with all specialists, but worth asking. I was told "you can go on the public waiting list which can take ages, or see him privately and claim some of the money back" which I did! The specialist's PA/secretary might be able to advise.

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