Short term work, a few hours a day.

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    I will be 'possibly' having a stall at Elizabeth Shopping Centre, (31st Oct - 13 Nov) . I would require help for 2-3 hours a day, to cover lunch etc Mon -Friday. I would pay award rate. I will know for certain if I have the stall by Tuesday next week. I have operated there in the past, it is an enjoyable experience working there.


    It would suit a mum or student who has a few hours spare every day.


    No love of football is needed, but being able to sell and be presentable etc is important.


    Please get in touch if you are interested or know someone who may be.


    Diane's daughter has worked for me before and will again so Diane can probably add a bit more about me if need be!!

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    Good opportunity for a bit of extra cash in the lead up for Christmas for anyone, and fits in with school hours.

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