Looking for a Plumbing Apprenticeship

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    I have recently been informed that I will be made redundant from my current job as of the 30th of November. This is something positive for me as it now gives me an opportunity to learn something new, something that i have wanted to do for sometime but for a few different reasons haven't been able to. I am 33 with a wife and 3 children.


    I would even be happy to work as a plumbers assistant or labourer to start with just so i can prove myself prior to the apprenticeship if needed.


    The government assist employers by giving financial incentives for taking on adult apprentices and also once a training organisation is selected they handle all of the arrangements for the apprenticeship.


    So if there are any plumbers out there that are looking to employ an apprentice or you know of any then please PM me. I have a resume and references that I can supply on request.





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