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    Guest jellybean3456

    Can anyone advise me how to go about applying for car tax when we get to Adelaide. also how much it is for 6/12 months and where to go ?


    i understand that MOT;s are not necessary in Adelaide so any advice on whether a dealer/garage gives you a service history or not ?





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    Hi jellybean,


    there is a thread on here giving basic information with regards to tax/insurance, no costs put in though.

    You can have a look at it in - The lounge - welcome - car insurance (uk full no claims transferable).



    We got 3months 3rd party for my cousins car and I think it was around $90, can't really remember, the office is local to a shopping centre, I think it was Marion - again we drove around that much and visited so many places I can't remember where the office was.


    Someone on here will be able to help you that is already doing it all in Australia.

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