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Anyone for Golf?

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    This is a post for all you guys who are serious (but still have a laugh!) golfers. I was a keen golfer back in the UK (Winchester) but stopped playing when we decided to emigrate (2008 ish) I have only played a dozen or so times since then. I am keen to play regular again now things are settling down here. I have played 3 times since getting here last July (2010), Mount Compass, Glenelg & The Vines. My fave was Mount Compass. Glenelg is too pricey & the Vines was ok. Can anyone recommend any other courses worth trying/joining? Could I join up with anyone already playing/looking to play? I was a 5 handicap back in the would be around 15 now!!!! Not for long I hope!I live in Noarlunga Downs so would be looking south of the city.ThanksChris (41)

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    Down that way try Willunga, great course very nice to play, a bit further down in Victor is Victor harbor Golf Course, McCraken Golf Course. A few other down the west side (sorry dont know the names)


    Others will suggest more that way

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