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Motorbike Licence

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    Guest johnosmad

    Has anyone done their motorbike training/test etc over here? I am looking in to it at the moment and it seems to be a lot of messing around. If anyone has could they give me a basic idea of costs and any recommendations for where to do it.


    From what I can gather you do a Ridersafe basic course - Anyone know the cost?


    then apply for a learners permit, Cost???


    then advanced course, cost????


    then apply for an unrestricted licence, Cost???


    I will make some calls when I get the chance but if anyone has done it already and could gimme some info on how much from start to finish that would be great!!





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    Guest johnosmad
    Have you got a UK driving licence?


    It makes a difference to the process.


    Mel has done it...


    Rob and Mel


    Yeah, full UK licence from B up to C + E, but will be doing the truck tests again after I get the motorbike licence,

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