cert 3 in childrens services

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    hi, has anyone studied cert 3 in children services here pls?

    I am new to childcare completely. I have a 2 1/2 yr old. I haven't studied for 20 yrs!!!

    I was thinking of childcare as a careerchange, as hopefully one day I may be able to work from home, family day care, not sure to try to see if can get traineeship?/correspondence course?. Looked into TAFE briefly some time ago, was going to be a big commitment with TAFE college presence with a toddler, needing childcare whilst I was doing the course...., in UK childminder course I believe is an evening course of 6 wks approx!!!, ......


    any thoughts pls, suggestions?!


    Many thanks,



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    wow snap im thinking of doing the same thing so thought i would bump this up as i would like to get some opinions :0) i know you can do external learning through tafe but im also looking at maybe working and training through the ABC centres, just gotta get my butt in gear and phone a few places....


    Good luck with it all



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    phone tafe you can do a open learning course through them. we have students come through work doing those I should the have to do a 9 week work placement at a centre if the centre has room you can put your little one in there and cliam JET payments towards the fees. just remember childcare is very low pay and can be very hard work. good luck if you need any more info feel free to pm me xx


    Tina x

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    Guest mlissiman

    Hi Sue


    I started studying for my Cert 3 in children services in August of this year. I've been working in admin for the past 20 years and have decided I'd like a change.


    As I work full time I'm currently studying online and, to be honest, its all alot more in depth than I would have expected.


    If you want more info, drop me a PM and I'd be happy to advise.


    Take care


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