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Seaford and seaford rise???

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    Good morning everyone. I haven't been on here for sometime as I haven't had much news to share. Well we have now been offered a buy to let mortgage. I'm not getting to excited because it is still very early days. But I have started to research some areas now. I was looking at port noarlunga at first but it seems a little pricey so I moved further south and started to view seaford and seaford rise. I know nothing about these areas but would appreciate some advice especially on primary schools. Also the job situation my OH is a plumber. But we have both agreed that we will do anything to start off with to bring money in ( I'm a good toilet cleaner lol).

    Thanks guys hope everyone is progressing well and everyone in oz already are having a lovely hot lazy day xx

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    Seaford Rise is a great place to start. Its close to fantastic beaches and is priced well. Schools aren't bad and there are plenty of shops close by at seaford or Noarlunga.

    The only negative thing is there are far too many English here !!! lol

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