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Guest *Alice*

Adelaide for Xmas :)

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Guest *Alice*

Hi Guys :biggrin:


Been on the site for a while now but haven't posted anything yet so heres the first!


My Partner and I are moving to Adelaide early/mid December!!! We cannot wait as have been going through the process now for what seems like AGES!! Partner is coming over on a 457 visa and I'm just on a WHV but hoping to get added to his 457 after a few months of being there! Has anyone else been through this process?


We've just started applying for rented accommodation as we know what area we will be living in now, which is another step in the right direction :) is there any other sites, other than real estate, that anyone else has used? We've also been looking for short term rentals but as we're arriving just before Xmas, its not the best time to be looking for something more permanent!


Nice to know we are leaving England as the weather is getting much colder now! Can't wait for a sunny christmas, even if it will be a little strange!!


Also, does anyone know of any dance groups (just for fun)? Be nice to make some friends who have similar interests :)


See you all soon :D

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Hi Alice,

Welcome to PIA, and very soon it will be welcome to South Australia.


I think you will struggle to find a short term rental before Xmas, particularly at such short notice. Have you considered campsites or caravan parks? There seem to be a lot around. The weather is warming up now, so should suffice for December onwards. Maybe not an ideal way to spend Xmas, but it would be an adventure.


It's good that you know what area you want to live in. But personally, I would have an open mind and wait until I was actually here before I made any long term committments. We came over with a specific area in mind, then fell in love with somewhere else. Plus, you can't beat actually checking a property out in the flesh. The greatest looking property in the world that ticks every box for you could be right next door to a school or a strip club, and guess what, the estate agent might just forget to mention it online !!


Just my opinion. Hope all goes well for you guys. Enjoy the last few weeks in the UK.



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Guest *Alice*

Hi Paul :)


We have taken your advice and are waiting until we arrive before we settle for a permanent rental. As we don't want to end up hating somewhere! That wouldn't make the move any easier :)


Did you have short term accomodation to go to when you arrived? If so, who did you book this through? We have been looking on gumtree and sites like that but haven't found anything too promising yet.


The weeks seemed to be going so fast but now that we have a date, time has slowed right down! The move can't come quick enough!


Alice :)

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