Guest Weekaty

Desperately seeking Adelaide

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    Guest Weekaty

    Hi all


    I'm really hoping someone can help.


    My husband and I are close to making THE decision. We're weighing up all the pros and cons and, at the moment, Adelaide is winning over our current life in Glasgow.


    I am an English Teacher (3 years) and my husband works in purchasing/procurement. We are both in our 20s and are desperate to make the move for a number of reasons (not least my brother and his family moved out in July this year and we miss them terribly) and we were wondering how realistic our plan is.


    WIll I be able to secure work before I arrive? His occupation isn't on the skills list so he'll be on my visa. Will this make it more difficult for him to secure a job before arriving?


    I know that I have to have my qualifications verified before I can actually look for work (and complete the mandatory training courses). What are the chances of me getting on the supply list for Adelaide or, even better, actually getting a long term temp/perm teaching job before, or as i arrive? I am currently working in a private Catholic school and I'm hoping this makes me more of an attractive choice for the private schools in Adelaide.


    Also, if teaching wasn't a viable option, what other jobs would be available for me? I don't mind a change of career into training delivery, education officer etc.


    FInally (I promise), if we were to make the move, how much money would you suggest is needed to get settled? I'd imagine we'd rent a furnished house but how much money would we need to remain comfortable if work wasn't forthcoming?



    Thanks in advance for your replies; I think it's important to know all of our options before committing to the incredibly expensive Visa process.




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    Possibly the first thing you should do is speak a migration agent, you tend to get the first appointment free, so write down what you want to ask then ask them all different questions, they will then give you an idea as to whether its achievable or not....


    Its alot harder out here now than it was say when we arrived nearly 4 years ago, and tbh if we were looking at doing it now we would deffo think twice, we had no real capital to bring with us, and had to seriously hit the ground sprinting not running lol....but we got through it had some tough times and still are, we have some great friends out here who help us heaps.


    Also PM a member on here called Gollywobbler...she is a wealth of information and will be able to point you in the right direction of what to do to get the ball rolling.


    There is work out here, it nay not be what you want to do but it is there, i am a toolmaker but have just started @ Maccas, a jobs a job when you have bills to pay...


    As for how much money you would need depends entirely on yourselves, we cut our cloth accordignly some weeks we can afford extras some weeks we cnt, life here is very similar to the UK apart from that big bright thing in the sky which certailny seems to shione alot brighter and longer and warmer than back in the


    If there is only you two guys on the VISA application and its seems pretty straight forward then you could always save yourself a few quid and do it yourself, we did ours and it was by no means easy.


    Use and abuse this site and any other site for info about the VISA process, guys on here have all been in the same boat as each other at some point...this place is great for finding stuff out.


    I hope this helps out little just ask ask and ask again if your unsure about anything....or drop me a PM...


    Catch ya soon



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    Guest Helchops

    We're going to Adelaide in July '12 with $15K and our house deposit money tucked away for AU house in the's going to be extraordinarily tight, but we're going to give it a go. There are some members in here who rocked up on a beach with $120 and some who've come with hundreds of thousands!! It's going to be hard unless you're wealthy and that's the bottom line. My partner is also a teacher by the way! We can't apply for permanent or temporary work until skills assessment and mandatory training courses are done. Pain I know, but we'll take whatever jobs come up until a permanent job comes up.

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    We moved here in July, despite being advised that there were loads of jobs on my trade i struggled to find event advertisments when back in the UK. To be honest i didnt want to do that job anyway, it was a means to get out here, maybe not right, but no one cares what job you do on arrival so long as you are contributing to the state. BUT with the things they were in the UK, my contract finishing, kids schools etc etc we knew July was the right time. Financially we were not in a great position, but had enough to get by, but deep down always knew we had my in laws to help if things got desperate.

    Work didnt come along as planned (never does) and the bank account started to empty (quickly i may add) we were getting worried about securing a long term rental without the promise of a job so things got tight time wise. Then in what seemed like the final hour we hit the jackpot. i had inverviewed for a job i didnt think i stood any chance of getting. but i knew the job would be busy so went in with a higher than average salary expectation, then when they phoned to offer me the job, and then to ensure they secured me and not someone else, they increased the salary offer massivly. erm i think i took 2 micro seconds to decide. Then the rest is history.


    Now, taking aside the job situation and all the issues that come with no salary everything else here is fantastic.


    The people are great, very friendly and very helpful (99% are and really not met anyone i would say i had an issue with). get involved with the clubs, life saving, sports clubs and they will welcome you with open arms. Adelaide suffered extreme winds last night, well as far as the news is it was extreme, up to a wopping 60KMS WOW, thats a slight breeze back in the UK.

    We live in a nice rental, huge pool, comfort etc, far bigger than what we had in the UK, then once you add everything in, the rent isnt much different. when comparing some forget to add you had concil tax ontop of rental in the UK, here its included in your rent payments (well ours is anyway).


    I have been asked a few times, why did you come to australia, i always answer, why not. In my opinion the UK has gone down the pan, not that it wasnt out of it much, i hated the immigration policy, how people thought everyone owed them something, alot of the british constantly moaning but not willing to do or say anything to change it, but my list could go on. To be totally honest, we knew we didnt want to stay in the UK so anywhere would have done.


    My wife misses her family, as do the kids, i might miss the ability to drive to see my dad (but we didnt see eachother that much) and we talk more now on the phone than we ever did. But within days of arriving we knew we were here to stay, we teek blackmailing her mum and dad to do summer here, summer in the Uk, she hasnt caved in yet, but there is time.


    I am not a teacher, but i know a couople and there say work is in abundance, especially in the outback region, go on give it a go, life is not a rehersal.


    Sorry i could go on but i am supposed to be at work.


    So in a brief sentance - WHY ASK, do it, try it, without trying you will never know, think of when you are at your 100 birthday celebration, do you want to say how things were, what different things you experienced and not, I wonder what would have happended if I had done so and so?

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    Guest eclare

    Hi Katy


    we are in Edinburgh and decided to make the move in Feb this year. I too work in procurement and we have secured our permenent visa through my occupation (get your OH to check out the Project Programme Administrator occupation on the South Australia state sponsorship list.


    Anyhow, if you are a teacher I guess you can be the main applicant, but it could give you options for other states too. It doesn't matter which of you is the main applicant, you both end up with a visa and are eligable to work. (is it a permanent 176 visa you intend to apply for?). I have found lots of procurement vacancies:


    I have also been in touch with a recruitment agent out there who has assured me that CIPS qualified procurement professionals are very highly regarded and wants me to get in touch when we arrive. I'm not sure if you OH is CIPS qualified but that would be necessary if your OH was the main applicant; in order to pass the skills assements under VETASSESS.


    We initally spoke to an agent who was convinced that I would not get CIPS passed by VETASSESS), so he only got us through that stage. The rest of the process - state sponsorship and 176 visa - we did ourselves. I think the hardest part is making the decision, then getting your head around which visa and how the process all works, but as suggested in response to this there is a wealth of information on this forum that could help you (and save you quite a lot of money if you avoid agents). By all means find get a free consultation from an agent and find out what visa is appropriate to your occupation or attend a seminar if there are any coming up have a look at Visa Go.


    We don't anticipate finding work before we arrive, but perhaps teaching is different, can't help on that one. We are fortunate enough that we can support ourselves for a while with the capital from our house (once it sells!) but obviously want to minimise outlays to preserve as much as possible for a future house purchase; but we have to be realistic and expect that we may not get jobs straight away.


    If your family are going out, then why not go along for the ride, it will be great to experience it all together and have that extra support. If you can get in now, go for may not be possible in years to come, or if the skills list/entry rules change. You don't need to think about it being for ever, just that it could be right for you and your OH right now. Coming home is always an option and doesn't need to be negative or feel like failure. We want to make sure we give as much opportunity to our boys as possible and we think Australia offers this. Even if we do ultimately come home we hope to stick it out long enough so they have the option of returning as adults.


    Furnished rentals are quite expensive as we have found out (we have budgeted about $750 per week and hope to do no longer than 3 weeks) so we have decided to ship our belongings (about £4500). It will be cheaper to do this than replace everything at the other end (but we also have 2 kids with tons of stuff!). We have set an upper limit of about $400 per week for an unfurnished rental but if its just 2 people I guess you cuold have a much smaller budget $250-$300 pw, as with anywhere depends on how much space you want and where you want to live. Check out and have a look at rentals that might start giving you some idea of the prices, areas and types of housing. Once we are in our long term rental we are hoping to survive on about $1000 per week (there was a useful budget on this forum that soemone submitted, but again thats a family budget so you should be able to live on much less). I hope to earn min $70k, but more like $80k-90k seems appropriate to my skills and experience. There are less jobs around for my OH and at a slightly lower salary but he can always set himself up in business.


    Its a big adventure, we have no idea what is ahead of us, but we are looking forward to the journey and grateful that we have the opportunity to do something else in a fabulous country (have you been?...I have several times and I love it...I even convinced by dad to visit...he and my step mum now live in Melbourne!). As soon as we leave Scotland we will be homeless and jobless but on a temporary basis only we hope!


    Katy I wish you well with your decision, I'm sure you will know if its the right move for you, but if you do decide to go, don't hesitate or life might get in the way!

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    Guest heth

    Hi there Katy,

    The only thing what stands out in your post is that you have already begun to make that positive move, and yes yes yes Adelaide is far better than Glasgow, (however I have never visited Glasgow) we are originally from Lees in Oldham, (near Manchester) and have never ever regretted our last 5 years.

    You have an excellent career to get you going, someone will employ you, but I would not worry too much about jobs, but start scanning the websites in Adelaide around teaching. We were both registered nurses, my husband has now quit and has his own business and I am doing so little and concentrating on my music. Australia is definitley the land of opportunity if you work at it, the social life is better, and basically everything is, so much so, we are now citizens, and they would have had to drag me back to the UK kicking and screaming.

    I do not know about teaching, but we used a migration consultant in our visa process and we had to have all our qualifications verified by the nurses board over here etc, and I applied for a job on line, and got it so at least when we arrived back in November 06, one of us had work. my advice is send lots of e mails to people, and if they are interested then things will start to happen.

    I reckon in todays market, down south you are looking at renting a 3 bedroomed house and lots of living space for approx $300-350 per week, the average price of a home to buy again in the South I would say is between $350,000-$520,000 dependent upon how many bedrooms etc. You did not say whether you would be living South or North of Adelaide.

    Please reply if you need to know any further information, would love to be of any further assistance.

    King regards


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    Guest Weekaty

    Thanks so much for all your replies!


    I'm naturally an extremely cautious and organised soul so the thought of moving has made my brain turn to mush. I wish I was just one of those people who says "Sod it, let's just go!"


    We don't own in the UK but have substantial savings (£20k) which we were putting aside for a house. From reading I reckon the actual process to emigrate (visa/assessments/flights/insurance etc) would be around about £6k, leaving us £14k (plus whatever we can save in the year or so leading up to the visa being granted) Is this an accurate estimate?


    I think we'll book an appointment with an emigration agent (just the free one; thanks for the tip!), ask all of our questions and then do the rest ourselves. My brother and his wife have only just been through the process so I figure they can walk us through it.


    I think the biggest worry (and it's not even really a worry as I'm sure we'd manage) is not having secure work lined up. I've never not worked and the thought of having nothing when we arrived is bloomin terrifying! We're in the fortunate position of being able to stay with my brother when we arrive (he'll be delighted when I tell him!) so if jobs weren't forthcoming, we could mooch off of them for a while!


    Just out of interest, what is the process for visa applications? I know the information is on here but I'm totally knackered after a 7 period day of total whammers, swiftly followed by an evening of marking delight (I don't start my swanky private school job for another week), that I'd really appreciate a bullet pointed timeline (or an easy link to one)


    You guys are amazing - thank you!


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    Hi Weekaty,


    My husband and i are going through the whole process now. I say go for it too - life is short and it's a BIG world, and Oz is class!:smile:


    In summary the timescale we have had this year is:


    Feb - we went to Emigrate show in Glasgow as we had always been 'thinking about it' and i knew i was due to be made redundant in June with government cuts etc, seems like fate to just get on with making it happen!! My pay off will help with resettlement costs plus we're both working at moment,


    May - i submit my skills assessment to Vetassess - don't underestimate how long it takes to even get together all the paperwork you have to send in, e.g. certified degree certificates etc - it took me 6 weeks to wait for Universities etc to get paperwork i needed before i even submitted to Vetassess


    June - my husband submits to ACS for his skills assessment


    end August - my skills assessment comes back positive! Only place offering SS for me is Canberra - not our first choice, but keeping our options open!!


    mid Oct - my husbands skills assessment comes back positive! His occupation is on South Australia list - SS 176 application lodged 8th Nov, now just waiting for outcome!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Fingers crossed.


    For me personally my area of work has effectively been abolished by the government in the UK, yet is a massive growth area for the Oz government. How much more like fate can this feel. The opportunities for me in the UK are pretty dire, in Oz they're amazing and i've alredy been in touch with the South Australian government - be proactive like someone else said. Basically, the future is much brighter for us in SA than the UK!


    If you don't like it you can always come back, but for us, we very much doubt we will, missing friends and family aside.

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    Hello and welcome :) I can't really offer more than has been said already. People have given some great advice and end of the day, if its what you want to do, give it a go.


    I would just mention a long term furnished rental would be expensive. I'd think you would be better to find an unfurnished and either buy furniture etc to go in it or ship over the stuff you really want to keep and sell the rest before you leave. If you only intend to ship personal effects and so on, that is also good, but be aware you'll probably end up having to buy some stuff once you are in a rental. So allow for that.


    As for visas, the DIY route is an option. If you are happy filling in forms, don't mind some reading, give it a go. We have a sister site, Poms in Oz and they have a busy migration section there where you can read loads of stuff on visa applications and the like. Perhaps if you don't get many replies here when you post about visa matters, pop over and ask there also :)



    Good luck with whatever you decide. Feel free to post about anything on your mind. Also have a look at any recent threads on subjects that are of interest as often you can find some nuggets of info in those.

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    Guest eclare

    Various Stages assuming you are applying for a 176 State Sponsored Permanent Resident Visa:


    - Skills assessment by the relevant body (VETASSESS for me took 12 weeks) you need this before you can apply for state sponsorship

    - State Sponsorship (our was approved in super fast time but check our the SA Immigration website for more up to date timeline)

    - IELTS Test (if additional points are required) results took 2 weeks from test and you may have to wait several weeks until you can get booked into a test.

    - 176 Visa Application, followed by medicals and police checks once you have been appointed a case officer. How long is a bit of string, this bit seems to vary quite a bit.


    There is a useful post on this forum relating to timeline 'park your timelines here' which might give you more detail.

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