Evening Childcare in the City

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    Hi All


    A group of us went out in the city last night, we were let down by our usual sitter and so I though we'd have to give it a miss, but I found the City Community Childcare center. They do evening childcare from 6pm till 11.30pm on Wed, Thur and Friday nights (also overnight Friday if required). I highly reccommend them. Its very secure and they give the children an evening meal, games and activities and then put them to bed until you arrive, very caring environment. My 7 year old really enjoyed it. Also an added bonus was the cost, it was only $38 for her (before any CCR rebates) so it cost us $19 !!!!! good value for us and she had a really good time as well!!!


    The website is: http://www.cityccc.org.au/


    Though of any newbies who need a night out without the children but dont have any established sitter arrangements, this is a great option.


    Also recommend Bollywood indian restuarant in the city lovely food and good wine.




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    Guest ems

    Wow. Wish I knew that a couple of years ago. I used to pay $150 for a nanny from an agency to have my daughter overnight when I done night shifts, I could have just done every Friday night and saved a fortune lol.


    Great info thanks Kim.

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    Guest Nick11

    I'm pretty sure they take kids up to 11 years of age..or it might even be 12.

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