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    Just wondering if anyone has experience of cutting it close to the initial entry date written in the visa label ? I am a worrier and imagine that the flight will be cancelled or there will be an airstrike , volcano or something that could postpone your journey and therefore make you 'late'. Feel it's probably best to have a few weeks clear. Any thoughts ? Cheers, Lisa:eek:

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    My Wife and I left it a bit late for entry, due to trying to sell our house in the UK.

    When I tried to find flights, we found that their were no available seats on most of the recognised airlines into Adelaide, so we finished up booking Brunei Air and had to travel to Perth to get our Visa validated, before flying on to Adelaide. There are probably less people travelling now than we had to do this in 2007, so most folk should be able to get the flights they need at short notice.

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