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    a bit of a specialised question


    but can any body advise what the likelyhood is to find a job from the UK in the construction industry or heavy engineering I hold a degree in Construction Project management and I have the appointed persons qualification with the CSCS managerial and professional ticket.


    I can't work out if the role of the Appointed person has an equivelant in Australia, if so can anybody tell me what the job title is for the australian appointed person this might help me on further job searches.


    I have a permanent visa.



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    If you have a permanent visa I would take my chances and come over and look for work. Some industries such as nursing seem to get jobs before they come over, but in general most of us take our chances and come over with no work.


    Have you tried contacting companies within the construction/engineering field to sound out work opportunities?


    I know the construction industry in some areas is slowing down at the moment and only at the weekend it was reported that Candetti Construction who recently built the State Aquatic Centre went into receivership.



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