Guest lyn

Visa approved!!! Yippee!

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    Guest lyn

    This is my first post on PIA but I have been reading lots and lots of your posts!

    Ours visas (457) have just been approved this week and so our plans to move out to Adelaide sometime around Easter 2012 are forging ahead!

    Hubby has been offered a promotion in Adelaide within the company he currently works for in the UK so we will be based in Adelaide as soon as we can sell our house (I know that this bit may not be easy!).

    Still waiting to tell our 5 year old about the move! :arghh:

    But we're very excited now that the visa is in place! :smile:

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    Congratulations on getting your visa!! What a great feeling!


    Hope you sell your house soon and its a fabulous place for a 5 year old



    Enjoy the celebrations!





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