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Migration agents, again........

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    We've just had our visa granted. (still sounds strange!) We went with Thinking Australia and were given a price of £1500. Once that is accepted there are no add ons.


    Have heard horror stories of agents adding extras on but I think the main point is to ensure they are registered MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) or MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) then if there are any problems you have somewhere to go.



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    Guest dglamoore

    Hi Jim

    We went with Go Matilda and their charges were £1495.


    On top of this we had the following -


    $300 TRA (approx £120)

    £100 approx for certified copies and postage

    £20 2 x police checks

    £474 meds and xrays for 2 adults and 1 child

    $1985 visa fee (approx £830)


    We did not get any extras added to migration fees - the price they quoted is the price we paid over 3 stages.


    Good luck with deciding which to use and getting things started!

    Lisa :D

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