Which Uni is better for MBA ?

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    Which Uni is better for MBA in Adelaide UniSA or University of Adelaide ? I can see that most of the MBA programmes are 1.5 yrs ...Are there any 1 yr programmes for experienced people ?


    Please help.




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    Guest Jo&Phil

    Adelaide Uni is the older one, UniSA is newer and Flinders Uni have an MBA program too. There probably isn't much to choose between them in the long run.


    Good MBA programs in Australia require you to have experience to get in ... ie: you can't go straight into an MBA with a first degree only, you need some business experience and most Masters programs require 12 subjects which mean 4 a semester, and that's already quite a full load - especially if you're also working! You may find you are eligible for some credit/status if you have studied at the same level previously or have significant experience in as aspect of the course. The only way to find out is to speak to the relevant people at each Uni.

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