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Guest Rosemarie

I have several questions which I would like to ask relating to a 143 parent visa

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    Guest Rosemarie

    I am a newbie to Poms in Adelaide although I have been on Poms in Oz.I am a widow in my early seventies and have passed my medical,Police checks and AOS for my 143 parent visa which I am now waiting to pay for.

    I am hopefully joining my daughter and her husband in Adelaide and also have other relatives in the area. I still have a property to sell in the UK which as everyone knows is not easy at the moment,so I may have to come and just validate the visa.

    I have many questions I would like to ask if anyone has had the same problems so here goes:

    1) Will I need to take out Medical Insurance if I just come to validate my visa and stay for a month or so.

    2)When I come for good will I be able to get Private Medical Insurance from someone like Medi Bank at a reasonable rate in view of my age and I have no Medical Issues.

    3) If I open an Australian Bank account here in the UK will I be able to have my pensions paid into it and then transferred to an account with the same Bank in Australia on a Monthly or Quarterly basis.

    4) Do I pay tax on my pensions in the UK or in Australia.

    I probably will have many other questions in the future but these are just a few at the moment.

    So perhaps someone will be able to help me with some of these queries

    Thanking you in advance

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