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    I am looking into a whv 417 for my sons girlfriend who may like to come out for a year when we emigrate. Does anyone know if you can forward date it or if you get the year from when you apply ? actually, logically the year would begin as soon as you landed in Aus surely ?

    Cheers if anyone can shed any light on this for me


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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    Once you get it (it usually takes 24--48 hours to receive once applied for, unless you have health issues and ticked that box and/or want to work in hospital/school for more than a set amount of time I believe, and then you have to go for a medical as well - usually this doesn't apply to most WHV applicants though), you have 12 months from the grant date to enter Oz, and then once you have entered, you have 12 months from that date until it expires.


    EG: Apply for it 10th Jan 2012, have up until Jan 9th 2013 to enter Oz (not leave the UK - beware the flight time and time difference!). If you entered on Jan 9th 2013 you have up until Jan 8th (possibly 9th, can't remember the dates on my passport for WHV) 2014 to be in the country (or come and go as you want). If she does 88 days rural work, she can then apply for a second 1 year WHV as well.


    So no rush to get it, you can get it just before you go, and it lasts as above.



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    All the info on the WHV is on the immi website



    IIRC if she wants to do the second year she'll need to complete 3 months rural work to be able to stay on. Might be worth her looking in to.


    Its pretty straightforward, she'll just needs some funds for the application and in her bank account to apply plus enough to cover a return or onward airfare but the website covers all that here. And decent travel/medical insurance for the duration.


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