Anyone had their domestic oven professionally cleaned?

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    It's that time of year again - parental visit pending!


    Oven cleaning is a job I hate (amongst several other housework tasks, I admit!), and when I was in the UK I got a company that came round and did it for me. Anyone used a similar sort of thing here? I'd much rather work a couple of hours at something I'm good at to earn the money to pay someone else to do a job I hate!


    I've found a couple of companies via Google, but would rather go with a recommendation if anyone has one?


    Central or Northeast location preferred, but not essential if they're prepared to travel...



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    We was talking about this at work the other day as yes it seems that most aussies do get them professionally cleaned. Sorry I did not take too much notice of who they used.

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    Guest katsmajic

    John @ oven-b-brite is top notch - he does ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and even bbq's - sparkling finish....and hes a lovely bloke.

    Unfortunately hes in Victor Harbor - he does travel, but not sure how far he goes.

    He has 10% discount with voucher redeption - i have the voucher but if you say i (Katrina) gave you his details you'll get the discount.

    He's on 0439339071 ovenclean@hotmail.com.au

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