Guest Paula H

Moving sept12, what did you do first

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    Guest Paula H

    Finding an area? securing work? setting up with Medicare? Rental? Getting TRN number etc? buying a car?


    What do we do in what order? what do we need to do from UK?

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    You've got ages and ages where not a lot will happen from our experience - its the last few weeks it all happens at once more or less lol. We started our journey in Feb last year, got our visas granted in Sept and not a lot has happened since then until the last couple of weeks really - we leave in 30 days from today! :)


    In the UK:


    Arrange flights

    Arrange first week/s accomodation

    Get quotes from shippers

    Book shippers

    Tell everyone (doctors/dentists and so on if you want to take records etc)

    Sell off everything/get rid of things you aren't taking (some of this can't be done until the last minute eg your bed!)



    When you get there:

    TFN - link here :

    Medicare - go down to your local office

    Search for long term rental

    Get jobs (this depends on you/your profession/your preferences etc though as well)



    HTH :)

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