Equivalent of childminders????.......Is there something similar here???

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    Hi all


    have been here about a month now and slowly getting sorted......I have started a job today so be been given my rota for the next few weeks and there are a few 7pm finishes........

    does anyone know if there are equivalents of childminders here??, i wouldnt expect them to keep my 6 year old til 7 but maybe til hubby home from work


    i have looked into the out of hours school care aswell which is until 6.30 pm.....does any one know if they would allow my oldest son who is 16 to collect him??


    any thoughts or advice gratefully recieved.....


    many thanks


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    thats good to hear and would save alot of hassle initially!!!.....it should only be until one of us gets home so would work ok...thank you for the info!!

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