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Guest JackThePom

Family Immigration Issues

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    Guest JackThePom

    Hey everyone, My name is Jack and i arrived in Australia on the 27th January 2009 on a 1 year working holiday visa. During this time I spent 6 months in Albany, in WA working as a plumber as this is my trade. Due to the location that i worked in, i was able to extend my visa by an extra year so i decided to travel around the rest of Australia. This was however, until I got to Adelaide and met my "now" Fiancee! I have now been here 2 years, (in 3 days) and in october, we had been together for 12 months so were allowed to put in an application for her to sponser me as we were now classed as de-facto. I will apparently find out in 9-12 months whether my application gets granted or not and then 2 years from the original application date will be when i get my residency.


    My mum, sister and nan and grandad and still in the UK. My sister is currently at university studying marine biology and due to some unfortunate recent circumstances relating to my mum and dad, my mum is living with my nan and grandad temporarily. After several long conversations, they have decided that they would love to move out here so that we can all be a family together again and be close again. This was extremely exciting for everybody involved and 2 days ago, my mum and grandad travelled to Australia house in London to find out how they could go about doing it.......This is where it gets tricky!!!


    Thy were informed that the quickest way to get out here would be by sponsorship and by paying 106,000 pound. (apologies for the lack of a pound sterling symbol!......Australian computer!) because of the fact that there is a 15 year waiting list! After coming to terms with the fact that this might be the only way, it then came to light that we would have to wait 2 years until my residency comes through, before i can sponser my mum and that she wouldnt be able to sponser my nan and grandad until she had been granted her approval :-( Because they are working out of a joint kitty to get more for there money, this means that it will be approximately 4-6 years before we can be re-united.


    I would like to know whether there are any other options as i know it can vary from applying in Australi or UK. I have read visa website but to no avail and would like to gain some honest advice from people that have 'been there and done that!'


    Also interested to find out whether you have to rent houses here if you are not a resident or whether you can purchase a property while on a visa.


    I would greatly appreciate any feedback anybody has on anything mentioned above and i look forward to hopefully living as part of one big family again one day soon!


    Thanks Guys

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