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HELP! Application for Permanent Residency (887)

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    Guest Jodie89



    We're in the process of applying for our PR (887), have been in Adelaide for over 2yrs now on a temporary residency visa (475).


    We've filled out and submitted the form online and have sent off all the supporting documents. However, upon checking the progress, it said everyone needed police certificates - so down the police station we went; we told them it was for a visa and they said that the state police certificate would be ok since we haven't lived/worked anywhere but SA (part of the restriction on the visa).


    The next day we receive an email from Immi advising we need Federal Police Clearance...


    I'm just wondering now whether the State Police Certificate is going to be enough??? Especially as all five of us have paid for it...


    Help please! :wacko:

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