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More 887 info required.

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    Guest markmet


    Im hoping for more info regarding requirements for the 887 visa. Someone has told us we need to fill in the form 80. Is this correct?. There are a lot of questions on there that we have answered already such as employment history, qualifications, family members names etc when we applied for the 475 and all looks rather repetative. If this is the case do we each need to do one? It also asks for certified copies of certain things and im thinking surely we havent got to go through all this again. Am really hoping someone who has got their 887 will let me know what is involved and hope it is a lot easier than it looks.






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    Hi Chris,


    We have just submitted all our documents, and have not been asked for form 80. Also we sent coloured copies of all documents, for example Birth Cert etc so we were told didn't need to get them certified.


    Fingers crossed this is correct, we are now waiting :unsure:


    Good luck


    Jo x

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