Visa Granted!!!!

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    Hello All,


    We received the Grant Letter last week and we are extremely thrilled about the same. It wasn't a very lengthy wait for us. Thanks for answering all my questions patiently and it was very helpful through the process. Thanks again. Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting on their grant. :jiggy:


    Below is my timeline:


    ACS Acknowledged - 26 September

    Positive assessment - 12 October

    SA SS Online - 19 October

    SA SS docs received - 4 November

    SA SS Approved - 18 November

    176 Lodged - 30 November

    CO Assigned - 5 Decmber

    Medicals - 9 Jan

    PCC - 31 Jan

    Visa Grant - 1 Feb

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    Need to be there before september. Need to plan accordingly. If I cannot move by that date, I need to at least make a trip to validate the PR and then move few months later. Selling my home is a big thing. I don't think I can do it in the next few months.

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