How to invest proceeds from sale of house in the UK?

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    We have just sold our house in the UK and the money is not earning alot of interest in the account that it is in. We have no intention of transferring the money to Australia as we stand to lose $70,000 compared to when we first moved here in 2008 due to the poor exchange rate. We are unable to open another higher interest savings account in the UK to transfer the money to as we are non UK residents. Currently considering an offshore account but open to any other suggestions please.....................

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    Guest bigal

    I feel for you,when we moved here in'97 a dollar cost around 45p within a few months it started to drop and actually went down to 34p,a guy I worked with suggested I should bring over my pounds, I laughed and said when I get three dollars to the pound I will,the very next day the dollar went up and has gradually increased since. Nevertheless I like having a bit of cash in old Blightly.

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