Accommodation req. & advice- daw park area

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    Hi...Im set to emigrate mid-April and was looking for accommodation advice. I'm set to start work in daw park area, but im happy to live a few miles away from it, as I like to cycle.


    Im looking for help in getting a one-bedroom flat,on a rental basis, preferably walking distance to beach (not essential!), reasonable price, nice area, and good public transport links. Any ideas for areas to look at, or companies to contact, would be appreciated. We've never been to SA.



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    Guest bigal

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    [TD]realestate.com.au for a rental, Daw Park to the closest beach would be Somerton Park,beach rentals expensive if you lived enroute between your work and the beach say Warradale or Parkholme probably a bit cheaper. Check this out Gumtree South Australia > Adelaide Region > Marion Area > Oaklands Park > Unit / House, Real Estate > house / unit / apartment rental > apartment / unit > Ad ID 352778550 that is probably about the cheapest not over desirable,when you look at properties check out the neighbours for undesirables. Good Luck




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    Guest vetinoz

    hi, not sure if you are still looking- we are breaking lease on a 2 bed house in pasadena (near daws park) that is 300 a week. we arent moving out til end of may, if that is any help? Rach

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