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Midwifery jobs in Adelaide

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    Guest The Holmes Family

    Hi all, just after some info on the above. I have been qualified as a direct entry midwife for 2 and a half years in the UK. We want to emigrate to Oz and have been undecided between where to go, mainly debating between Perth and Adelaide. We had finally decided on Adelaide but I want to guage what job prospects are like for me in Adelaide.



    When I have e-mailed hospitals in Perth and NZ, they have been very keen and job opportunities there sound promising. However, when I have emailed Adelaide hospitals I haven't had much response. Admittedly, I have only emailed 2 Adelaide hospitals as I couldn't find any contact details for the others online.


    Are there any midwives out there that can shed any light on job prospects? Ideally I want to work in a public hospital as I want to maintain some autonomy. We are getting stuff together to apply to ANMAC and APHRA so that we can apply for a 176 (SS) visa ASAP.



    Thank you in advance x

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    Hi there

    I am a midwife although currently working for SA Health in a nursing role. When we first arrived I worked agency as a midwife but for me it was very unsettling different place and with different staff every shift and there are some differences in the process so I decided to apply for a permanent position so learn the system and become more familiar with the differences albeit some may be small but they are there.

    I went to work in a private hospital but it definately wasnt for me - although some of the consultants were fantastic there was a little too much of Dr's hand maiden role. Although fellow midwives were lovely.

    I have worked at all hospitals in Adelaide (with birthing facilities) with the exception of the Lyell McEwin.

    There are small differences like terminology ie a jelco is a cannula, IDC - in dwelling catheter, IVT - Intravenous therapy to name a few and certainly in the private sector I found lots of babies were in the nursery overnight and the amount of pain relief I gave out would have sedated a small African country!

    Here are a list of all the hospitals in Adelaide that provide obstetric/neonatal care

    * Burnside War Memorial Hospital (Private)

    *Ashford Hospital (Private)

    *Calvary North Adelaide (Private)

    *Womens and Childrens Hospital (Public)

    *Flinders Medical Centre (Public)

    *Lyell McEwin (Public)

    Think that covers it - if you would like to practise with more autonomy then I would suggest public is the way to go - I left the private hospital where I worked after about 6 months as it wasnt for me so hence why I am nursing now. There are a few midwives on here who are practising and love there work so they may be able to fill you in a little more.

    Hope this helps


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    Guest beckeithking


    I am a midwife of 4 years and nurse of 16 years. We are planning on moving out this year - on a spouse visa. I have been to and spoken with a few hospitals in adelaide in 2010. They generally said public hosp are closer to the UK midwifery and most people tend to be happier.


    Womens and Childrens and Lyle Mac suited me as that is the side of town I intend to live. I had a meeting at both and the W &C said they were not taking applications for a year - that should be over now. Lyle Mac were very positive and offered me a job then and there!! I will be contacting them directly when I know the exact date we will go. I asked about phone interviews of which they were quite positive about.


    I have found the web sites difficult to get exact info so ended up e-mailing the contact people and asked them to pass on my details to the midwifery dept - all of the hosp contacted me and were happy to chat and give me a tour. A friend suggested doing agency work first to decide what you like. I don't expect it to be the same as the UK but quite frankly am fed up having no permanent work. Am about to lose my contract for the 2nd time due to "cuts" despite there being masses of shifts needing covered.


    No idea if there has been a change of circumstances but will be looking at that soon.


    Would love to hear from anyone else.

    Bec xx

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