Guest kamalg

176 Application Points Test Question - Please help

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    Guest kamalg

    Dear friends


    I need your advice on the interpretation of the points test for a subclass 176. My personal situation is this


    Between 2002 and 2005 I studied in Australia on a student visa and obtained a Bachelors degree in I.T from the University of Canberra (3 years full time study in Australia that led to the award of an Australian degree). After the completion of my degree I left Australia.


    I am now working as a software developer and have ACS skills assessment as an analyst programmer and also got SS from SA for the same occupation.


    My understanding of the points test is that


    15 points for

    Qualifications (Australian or recognised overseas) – as I have an Australian bachelors degree recognized (obviously) by ACS


    5 points for

    Australian study requirement - Minimum two years full-time (Australian study requirement)


    Guys what is your opinion on my logic? I think I should get 15 + 5 for the above two sections of the points test.


    As far as the way I read even though I completed my studies in 2005 I should be able to claim 5 points for Aus study requirements because I was physically in Aus for 3 years in the past and obtained a bachelors degree.


    Please share your thoughts.. I am a bit confused on this matter and want to clear the doubts I have

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    Hi Kamalg


    I think you are right, for the extra 5 points Booklet 6 states


    points for

    Australian study 5


    You have completed one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications

    for award by an Australian educational institution as a result of a course or



    • that are registered courses; and

    • that were completed in a total of at least 16 calendar months; and

    • that were completed as a result of a total of at least 2 academic years

    study; and

    • for which all instruction was conducted in English; and

    • that you undertook while in Australia as the holder of a visa authorising

    you to study; and

    • which is closely related to your nominated skilled occupation.





    IrishStew (OH)

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    Guest kamalg

    thanks for your prompt reply IrishStew


    in order to meet 65 pass mark for 176 i need need 5 points for Australian study. but the thing is my case officer has advised me that i only score 60 points. i went

    through the notification letter he has sent and he has not given any points for the Australian study.


    so i am now confused. has the CO missed the fact that i studied in Aus before and therefore missed awarding me 5 points OR is there some other condition(s) that need to be satisfied to get those 5 points.


    as far as i am concerned i meet all the requirements stated on DIAC site to be granted these 5 points :confused:


    without those 5 points im afraid it might me the end of the road for my application :dull:


    please forum members can you provide your views on this as well


    thank you



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    As above, ask your CO only they will know, the rest of us can only speculate. Drop them an e-mail and ask why the points were not included. It may be you did not send the correct evidence.

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    Guest kamalg

    thanks for your advise IrishStew and Rammygirl



    i contacted my CO and asked why points were not awarded, and got a reply saying that there was an error (for not factoring in my Aus studies)


    subsequently my points have been recalculated and now i am meeting passmark :goofy::biggrin:



    crisis averted :jiggy: my application is now back on track !!! :notworthy:

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    Guest lightning

    Hi everyone,I would just lke to ask if it is necessary to secure a Points Test Advice from Vetassess if you're lodging 176 in DIAC?Thanks for the replies

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