Hi (again!)

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    Hi Everyone!

    I posted a few months ago saying that my husband had been offered a job in Adelaide and we had decided to make the move, i havent posted since (but been around in the shadows lol)


    We have now got our visas, plane tickets, had a leaving party and the removal men are packing up as i type eeek! Cant believe how quick it has all happened, it will be less than 5 months from the job acceptance to actually getting there!


    We fly out on the 10th March and it would be great to meet some people who has been in the same situation as us. James, my hubby, will be starting work straight away on the monday when we arrive so will literally be dumping his bags and going out, leaving me with our 3 kids, ages 12,10 and 7.


    A little bit about us.....

    Im Vicky, age 31, love animals, baking, reading, spending time with friends either in day drinking brews or at night with a few glasses of wine,

    Hubby James is 34, works as crane engineer he goes to the gym and boxing

    Eldest Daughter is 12, a bit shy, loves animals, horse riding, crafts and talking to her friends.

    Tom age 10, he likes being out on his bike, football, boxing and xbox.

    Emily age 7 is bubbly, chatty and makes a new best friend where ever she goes.


    Feel like im on a dating site doing this, but needs must lol.


    We'll be near the centre of adelaide in an apartment that work puts us in for first few weeks then we'll be looking at where we want to settle, if anyone would like to take pity on a stressed out mum of 3 and help me get my bearings i'd love to hear from you on here


    Looking forward to any replies and thanks for reading xxx

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    Guest RobJ1978

    Hi Vicky, We aren't gonna be any where near you but didn't want to read and hi!


    There are plenty of people on here that will see you right....good luck with it all and keep in touch....



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    Thanks everyone for the messages, i feel so relieved to know how friendly and welcoming everyone is!

    It feels so great to be able to chat and arrange meetings with people, i was so scared that i wouldn't be able to meet anyone.


    My container is coming this morning, so thats another tick off the very long list :)


    I hope i wont be ready for a nervous breakdown before actually meeting everyone haha.


    Thanks again everyone xxx

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    Guest yummie

    Your heads must be all over the place. It is a very exciting time. We have been here around 6 months now and are living over on the west side. We have daughter aged 9 going on 16 and son that is 7 nearly 8. He is in to footy and xbox and daughters into animals, art, drawing, etc, used to go horse riding but hasnt since she has been over here.


    Give us a shout when you arrive and we could all get together let the kids play. Have a wine or two.



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    Hi Tina,

    Yep, don't actually know my head from my elbow at the moment lol.

    Would be great to meet up, thank you!


    As soon as i get over and get a phone number i'll be sending it out to people who have replied, can't thank you all enough for putting my mind at rest about meeting people :)



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