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    I have moved this to here as I think it was lost on my shippers thread :)


    Hi Guys,


    Just had another Shipper round and they have suggested/advised on a couple of things and i would like to know your thoughts.


    Dishwasher - Has anyone taken theirs over? If so, did you find when you got it their that most rental properties/houses had them built in?


    Tent - Has anyone taken their tent over? If so, have you found it okay with the climate, do snakes/spiders seem to make their way in easier than say Aussie made tents? Have you found your tent too warm?


    Garden Tools - Anyone taken their garden tools spade/rake/hoe etc. What kind of price are they in Oz to replace?


    Fridge/Freezer - Advised not to take as it may struggle with the heat and not work properly. How's everyone found there fridge/freezer if they took it to Oz - any problems with it coping with the heat?





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    Yes we brought our dishwasher over with us, just make sure its completely drained. Some rentals have them, some don't.


    Tent, no idea, but camping is pretty big out here so BCF is your best bet for a new one if you dont bring your own. (BoatingCampingFishing, big store)


    Garden tools, clean them with jeyes fluid and you should be fine. (anything outdoors clean with Jeyes, tools etc and you should be fine)


    Fridge freezer, we didn't bother. They are bigger and better over here (get more beers in) sell it in the UK and get one over here, we got a bargain from Radio Rentals.


    As with any ones situation, bring what you can, then you dont have to spends heaps of cash when you get here.


    Hope this helps



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    Thanks Sarah that's really useful.


    Looking online we have seen a few tents that would suit us at a comparable cost to what we paid for our Sunncamp 3006 plus which was around £500. Ours is also very heavy and it would be great to have fibreglass poles! Now raised camp beds is something that we hadn't thought of but would make sense for air circulation and keeping away from the beasties.


    I think we will take the fridge and see what happens with it.


    Once again thanks for the reply.



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